Arduboy Manager 1.2.5

Arduboy Manager is a program for Windows and OS X that connects to its online repository to download 36 games and applications for the Arduboy system. With a single button click, you can transfer the file directly to your Arduboy via USB.

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Repo Link @crait

Arduboy Assistant 1.1

Arduboy Assistant allows you to view raw EEPROM data, back it up through the Arduino IDE's serial monitor, restore EEPROM data the same way, and even clear the entirety of the EEPROM data. Additionally, you can also test buttons, LED's, speaker, serial port, and screen.

Ardusweeper 1.0

Julien Bellue
Download .arduboy

A simple minesweeper game for Arduboy.

Bangi 1.1

Destroy all the balloons - 45 challenging levels

Bounce 1.1

2 Player Game. A paddle and ball game in the vein on Atari's Pong. Two dogs are trying to hit the ball back and forth without the ball going past them. If the ball does go past them, that is a point for the other dog. The dog with the highest score when the player(s) stop, wins.

Breakout-V 1.0

Simple vertical screen version of Breakout for Arduboy.

BurgardTime 1.0

Download .arduboy

Just a little homage to the classic BurgerTime.

Chicken Launcher 1.1

Chicken Launcher is a fun lil' game I made based off of Kitten Cannon. Shoot a chicken as far as you can, trying to hit springboards to give you a boost, but watch out for spikes! Your high score is recorded and saved. If you think you get a big high score, tweet me a pic!

Circuit Dude 2.0

Help Circuit Dude build his secret invention by leading him through 50 unique levels, completing circuits and plugging in microchips. After all chips are inserted into their sockets, the exit will activate and you can advance to the next puzzle!

CowBro 1.0

Just a little homage to the classic BurgerTime.

Crates 3D 1.0

Brian Smith
Download .arduboy

A port of the TI-83 calculator puzzle game.

Fanboat 1.0

The greatest Swamp-Skimmer-Simulator ever conceived, unless you count Half-Life 2. That one's better.

Little Rook Chess 1

Play game of chess against your Arduboy!

Mazogs 1

Brian Smith
Download .arduboy

A port of the ZX-81 maze adventure game.

Oh, You're Gunna Die 0.3

Download .arduboy

This is a Bomberman-type game, but with a few changes. You'll have 10 seconds to reach the door safely, but try not touching anything or you'll die!

SkateArdDie! 0.9

Download .arduboy

Just a little homage to 'Skate or Die: Bad n Rad' for classic Game Boy.

Sketch-A-Sketch 1.0.0

Craig N. Caroon
Download .arduboy

Sketch-A-Sketch is a simple drawing program ala Etch-A-Sketch.

Suit Shooter 2.0

Launch suits of cards at falling cards in order to create matches and score points. Watch out, though! Missing cards will hurt you! The cards start out falling slowly, but get faster as you score more points and regain health.

Train Dodge 1.1

Who's brave enough to play chicken with a train? Stand on the track as multiple trains come at you full-speed... The closer they get to you before jumping off the tracks, the more points you'll rack up. (You'll also lose points for jumping off of the track too early.) Dodge as many as you can, but beware! If you don't jump off in time, you'll be hit!

Wire Screensaver 1

Simple demo showing off a classic, Windows-style screensaver.

Star Honor 1.0

Wenceslao Villanueva Jr
Download .arduboy

Star Honor is a Roguelike space adventure where you are field promoted into the Captain’s chair of the USS Arduino. Your home world has become the victim of the a biological weapon deployed by enemies. You posses the only hope for your world, a cure for the phage. With a skeleton crew, a limping vessel and time running out, you must travel world to world, seeing supplies, upgrades and doing battle to make it home and save your planet.

Stellar Impact 1.0.1

Download .arduboy

It's a simple shmup, but it has lots of stuff I think is pretty neat, like procgen starfields, a bomb that freezes time, a nice title screen, eeprom saving and more.

Toyoshiki Tiny Basic 1.0.1

Toyoshiki Tiny Basic is a Tiny BASIC interpreter that receives input from a serial device connected via USB. Note that a serial monitor program, such as Tera Term, is required to use this application.

1010 0.96

A 1010 block puzzle game

Pocket Othello 0.2.0

Pocket Othello is an Othello game for the Arduboy.

Hollow Seeker 0.31

Pocket Othello is an Othello game for the Arduboy.

Pocket PDA 0.8.0

Pocket PDA is an OS for the Arduboy with some useful utilities, which turns your Arduboy into a PDA.

Jet Pac 1.0

Arduboy clone of the classic ZX Spectrum game 'Jet Pac'.

Arduminer 1

Mining, crafting and combat on your arduboy. Explore 64 procedurally generated levels, conquer dungeons and upgrade your kit to survive progressively stronger enemies. Visit URL for full list of recipes and extra info.

ARtillery 1

An Arduboy game inspired by Amiga Tanx by Gary Roberts.

CastleBoy 1.0

A Castlevania demake for the Arduboy.

Boris goes skiing 1.0

Tom Sparrow
Download .arduboy

A clone of the ZX Spectrum game Horace goes skiing for the Arduboy

Not Just a Hat Rack 1.0

Not Just a Hat Rack: Guide Karlville through 40 fast paced levels to the Hat Rack in the shortest possible time. Tweet your final times @Hundstrasse to be featured in the Hattery of Fame

ArduIndy 2.50

Inspired by ZX Spectrum game 'Sabre Wulf'. An action game where you shall find 4 keys in the dungeons. After finding the 4 keys, the door to freedom opens. Beware of the skull monster, you can only kill it if you have found potion. From version 2.5 it is possible to save progress in the game and start again from where you were later on.

Roo Run 1

The zoo had to close and now all the animals are trying to escape! Help the kangaroo run away from the animal control who's trying to catch him. Push A and B back and forth as fast as you can to run faster. This game was created for the first Arduboy Game Jam.

Midnight Wild 1.2

Something's gone awry out West! Help Dusty Argile adventure out and defeat the baddies who are causing a commotion and stopping him from getting a good night's rest. Put them to sleep with your handy lasso and rack up as many points as you can, but watch out for falling barrels, cacti, whirling tumbleweeds, snakes, and coyotes! Most of all, watch out for the mad bull and crazy Texan twister!

Festive Fight 1.1

Holiday mascots from throughout the calendar must fight in order to compete for the affection of the children throughout the world for some weird reason! This game includes single and multiplayer support. Choose between Santa, Easter Bunny, Cupid, Turkey, Groundhog, and Uncle Sam to take on the rest!

To submit an application or game, please send an e-mail to me at, and include the following information:


The title of your game as you'd like it to appear in the repository.


The current version number of your game.


Either your name or online identity that you'd like to associate with the game as the author.


Either your personal website or the GitHub URL you'd like to associate the game with.


A short description that you'd like to include to describe what your game/program is. (Please keep this less than 300 letters.)


A simple 128x64 image that you'd like to show for the games within my program to the user.


I will need a compiled .hex file that is ready to be used on the Arduboy. We'd really appreciate it if you included 2 .hex files. 1 for the developer kit units and 1 for production units. If you're only able to supply 1 version, be sure to let us know which model your file works with.

Please e-mail me if you would like me to take your game off of my repository.